SpaceX Super Heavy Rocket Adds Tower, Moves Location—Is This In Preparation for Full Stack

SpaceX has moved the Super Heavy Rocket booster and has added another tower on its segment in Boca Chica, with Elon Musk showing the progress of the company’s ventures. The highly anticipated Full Stack Flight will soon come and its scheduled date will be this July, but the space company has not said anything concrete for now.

Elon Musk is lighting up Twitter with a lot of Super Heavy tweets and mentions at the moment, and this only means one thing: SpaceX is working on the full stack flight to soon happen.

SpaceX Super Heavy Adds Tower, Moves Location

According to the SpaceX CEO’s Twitter account (@elonmusk), Super Heavy will move locations and is being towed on the road, and that its holding structure has added its 7th tower on its rig. This only shows that the company is so into preparing for its next test flight and venture, which would be the Starship and Super Heavy rocket in one.

The humongous spacecraft has amazed a lot of people and Twitter viewers, which have been excited with the latest teases by SpaceX and Musk, in the name of science and spaceflight. The company has been doing a lot of significant moves for the Starship and Super Heavy, and it is highly suggesting the next test flight that the company would be doing. Musk has been teasing the full stack flight for a long time now, and its soon achievement will only lead to the ultimate goal of Musk and SpaceX, which is to go to Mars and make humanity a multi planetary species.

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Elon Musk Teases Full Stack Flight

Musk has teased yet another venture for its SpaceX products, and here, a user said that the Super Heavy is unbelievable to see with its towering appearance, and how a human looks beside it. Here, the CEO said that it would look “pretty wild” if it is already stacked with the supposed spacecraft atop it, the stainless steel, Starship.

Despite being said as a hint or tease, what this signifies is the soon and actual stacking of both spacecraft, and it would do so in the coming weeks. Note that it is only the start of July and that the company has promised that it would perform its ventures by this month. This means that there is a lot in store from SpaceX that the public is yet to know.

Will Full Stack Happen This July?

There are no actual confirmations yet, but it was initially revealed by SpaceX and Elon Musk that its target date for Full Stack testing and trial launches would happen this month. So, this highly suggests that SpaceX is targetting it within the month, at least.

SpaceX already has most of its variables and elements available to make it happen. Starship SN15 has been a successful spacecraft to land back to the surface in the previous months, and that the Super Heavy is already awaiting the spacecraft on the Boca Chica facility.

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